Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Thursday 19th March 2020

Today is Father’s Day in Spain

Father’s Day is your chance to tell your dad how much you love and appreciate him.  In England it is celebrated in June but children there do the same things as we do in Spain  – make cards, write poems, draw pictures and find special ways to let him know he is the best dad in the World.

Today is also St Joseph’s Day (San José) so you can congratulate anyone with that name. 
Did you realise that today is ALSO St Josefa’s Day and you all know a very kind and special person with that name!! 

Now you have two wonderful people to applaud on the same day!!!


I hope you are all remembering to wash your hands regularly using soap and, if possible, hot water.  Did you know that racoons also wash their hands?  Lots of other animals like to keep clean and one even uses soap!  Enjoy these videos about how they do it.  

Video 1    Video 2    Video 3     Video 4


Wild animals are incredible! (Remember, Wild means salvaje). If your dad was one, which animal would he be? Think carefully about this and then do me a drawing of the animal you have chosen. I have attached some paper with great borders for you to choose from. Ask someone to print a copy for you. CLICK HERE 

When you have finished the drawing, send a photo to so that I can see what you have done. Then give it to your dad.  He will love it!
I can't wait to see your picture!

Happy washing x


  1. Awwwwww...muchísimas gracias Miss Lucy!! I love you💖

  2. And we all love YOU Miss Fefi!! 💖