Sunday, March 22, 2020

Monday 23rd March

Good morning!  I hope you had a good weekend and are refreshed for this 2nd week of online schooling.

Did you know..........?
Yesterday March 22nd was WORLD WATER DAY.  It's a special day for everyone to remember how important freshwater is.  We must also think about the 2.2 billion people who don't have clean water.  

Where does water come from?  Click here to find out.  

Here is a fun experiment to 'make rain' in your home!  

                    You’ll need:
1.    A glass jar
2.   A plate
3.   Hot water
4.   Ice cubes

*Pour about 5 ml of hot water into the jar. 
*Cover the jar with a plate.
*Think about what will happen.   
*Remember - water impacts life:  food, gardens, showering, cleaning, cooking, animals EVERYTHING
*Put the ice cubes on the plate and watch inside the jar. 
*Watch the hot and cold elements causing the water in the jar to condense, rise into the air, and form rain droplets from the top of the plate! 
*Once the water has cooled, make sure you re-use it! 

Below are some examples of posters done by children for WORLD WATER DAY Have a go yourself and don't forget to send me a picture to post here!
Image result for save water drawing art  Image result for save water drawing art  Image result for save water drawing art
If you need some help drawing, check out this video.

Here is some work for this week.  Print it out and make booklets.   Try to do some every  day.   


Hasta tomorrow x

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