Thursday, March 19, 2020

FRIDAY 20th March 2020

Good morning everyone! 

Below you will see a map of the USA (United States of America) showing where the state of Houston is.  A friend of mine lives there and has told me about what Houston Zoo is doing for children around the world who are stuck at home – just like you.

The zoo has had to close but not forever.  Until it opens again, they are filming live from the zoo!!  Monday to Friday at 11am you can watch the animals and their keepers via Facebook!  Today I saw the elephants and yesterday the cheetahs and I have learnt so much about them.  It was like having the animals in my home!  
Click here for the Houston Zoo Facebook page where you can see all the videos from this week. 


READING BEAR is a great FREE site to learn or revise letter sounds.  There is audio so you can check that you are pronouncing the letters correctly and a quiz for each sound.  Remember - PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.   Click here to visit the website   


This weekend I would like you to visit where you can have fun reading, revise phonics, do maths, listen to stories, learn new vocabulary and play games.  Click here  and enjoy!   

Let me know how you are and how you are enjoying working online. 
Have a good weekend.  

Hugs from Miss Lucy x

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