Sunday, March 22, 2020

Monday 23rd March

Good morning!  I hope you had a good weekend and are refreshed for this 2nd week of online schooling.

Did you know..........?
Yesterday March 22nd was WORLD WATER DAY.  It's a special day for everyone to remember how important freshwater is.  We must also think about the 2.2 billion people who don't have clean water.  

Where does water come from?  Click here to find out.  

Here is a fun experiment to 'make rain' in your home!  

                    You’ll need:
1.    A glass jar
2.   A plate
3.   Hot water
4.   Ice cubes

*Pour about 5 ml of hot water into the jar. 
*Cover the jar with a plate.
*Think about what will happen.   
*Remember - water impacts life:  food, gardens, showering, cleaning, cooking, animals EVERYTHING
*Put the ice cubes on the plate and watch inside the jar. 
*Watch the hot and cold elements causing the water in the jar to condense, rise into the air, and form rain droplets from the top of the plate! 
*Once the water has cooled, make sure you re-use it! 

Below are some examples of posters done by children for WORLD WATER DAY Have a go yourself and don't forget to send me a picture to post here!
Image result for save water drawing art  Image result for save water drawing art  Image result for save water drawing art
If you need some help drawing, check out this video.

Here is some work for this week.  Print it out and make booklets.   Try to do some every  day.   


Hasta tomorrow x

Thursday, March 19, 2020

FRIDAY 20th March 2020

Good morning everyone! 

Below you will see a map of the USA (United States of America) showing where the state of Houston is.  A friend of mine lives there and has told me about what Houston Zoo is doing for children around the world who are stuck at home – just like you.

The zoo has had to close but not forever.  Until it opens again, they are filming live from the zoo!!  Monday to Friday at 11am you can watch the animals and their keepers via Facebook!  Today I saw the elephants and yesterday the cheetahs and I have learnt so much about them.  It was like having the animals in my home!  
Click here for the Houston Zoo Facebook page where you can see all the videos from this week. 


READING BEAR is a great FREE site to learn or revise letter sounds.  There is audio so you can check that you are pronouncing the letters correctly and a quiz for each sound.  Remember - PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.   Click here to visit the website   


This weekend I would like you to visit where you can have fun reading, revise phonics, do maths, listen to stories, learn new vocabulary and play games.  Click here  and enjoy!   

Let me know how you are and how you are enjoying working online. 
Have a good weekend.  

Hugs from Miss Lucy x

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Thursday 19th March 2020

Today is Father’s Day in Spain

Father’s Day is your chance to tell your dad how much you love and appreciate him.  In England it is celebrated in June but children there do the same things as we do in Spain  – make cards, write poems, draw pictures and find special ways to let him know he is the best dad in the World.

Today is also St Joseph’s Day (San José) so you can congratulate anyone with that name. 
Did you realise that today is ALSO St Josefa’s Day and you all know a very kind and special person with that name!! 

Now you have two wonderful people to applaud on the same day!!!


I hope you are all remembering to wash your hands regularly using soap and, if possible, hot water.  Did you know that racoons also wash their hands?  Lots of other animals like to keep clean and one even uses soap!  Enjoy these videos about how they do it.  

Video 1    Video 2    Video 3     Video 4


Wild animals are incredible! (Remember, Wild means salvaje). If your dad was one, which animal would he be? Think carefully about this and then do me a drawing of the animal you have chosen. I have attached some paper with great borders for you to choose from. Ask someone to print a copy for you. CLICK HERE 

When you have finished the drawing, send a photo to so that I can see what you have done. Then give it to your dad.  He will love it!
I can't wait to see your picture!

Happy washing x

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Wednesday 18th March 2020


Image result for image wild animals having fun

Have fun today watching some amazing music videos of all sorts of wild animals that live in different habitats!   Listen carefully to the words of the songs to find out which animals they are.  They have been filmed doing crazy things and having a great time.  Get up and dance along to the music!
Click here to watch


You can also complete a short story by adding your own parts of speech (that means nouns, adjectives etc).  Follow the instructions and be prepared for a hilarious recount of your trip!
Click here to play

Enjoy your day x

ST PATRICK'S DAY - 17/03/20


Today is St Patrick's day!  He is the patron saint of Ireland so to celebrate I thought I would share with you one of my favourite animal poems that was written by Spike Milligan, an Irish/English poet, author, actor and comedian.  He wrote silly verse for children and as he had 6 children of his own, he knew exactly what they would find funny!  Here is one of my favourites.....

Did you enjoy reading it?  I like it so much that I decided to use it as a template to write my own – 

Can a spider
Be a rider
Sitting on a horse?
What a silly thought that is
I’m bored at home of course.

Why not try writing your own funny poem about animals?  Use some rhyming words and read it through carefully to check for spelling mistakes.  Use the links on this page to find some unusual animals.  When you have finished please send it to me at 

Stay safe and be good! 


Monday, March 16, 2020

Week beginning 16.3.20

Welcome to the TEFL blog!

Here you will find games and online activities that you can use to practise your English and improve your language skills. Any questions please feel free to email me where I will be available between 8:30am and 1:00 pm

Every day you should do some reading. A good site to use is Oxford Owl

Try and play a vocabulary game English Vocab game

Please click on the underlined words to open a video, website or game. Reading books 

This weeks TEFL topic is : Animals

Animals Video

Animal names

Animal matching game